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IMTEX Team September 2013 

Thanks for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Tauranga Search & Rescue Inc (TSAR). 

Following is a bit of background about TSAR and some of our core expectations of new volunteers. 

We operate under the umbrella of Land Search & Rescue New Zealand (LSAR) and work under the immediate control of the Police when a search is underway.  TSAR is a completely volunteer organisation. 

Our local searches range from missing dementia sufferers or children who have wondered off in an urban area to missing river canoeists to lost hunters or trampers in the bush.  In most cases searches are resolved within 12 hours and often much sooner, but we do get the occasional longer (overnight/multi-day) search as well.  Searches take place in all kinds of weather and can occur at any time of the day or night.  We would typically have between 12 and 18 callouts per year.  New members tend to get limited callouts while they are in the learning/training stage of membership. 

Membership is always a bit of a balancing act.  We need enough volunteers to cover the initial phases of a land search, say first 24 hours, and then we call on neighbouring LSAR groups (Waikato, Coromandel, Rotorua & Whakatane) as needed.  Conversely, we have to be careful not to have too many members as the time, effort and money put into training is wasted if members rarely get called out for searches.  

At the moment we have a number of applications being considered and will have to decide how many new members to take on. 

TSAR members are expected to:       
  • attend regular (monthly) local training sessions, which can be a couple hours in the evening, a day session on a weekend and the occasional Saturday/Sunday overnighter  
  • successfully complete core competency national training courses (conducted either locally or within the region) 
  • participate in at least one full scale search simulation exercise each year      
  • generally be available for searches at short notice (many employers are supportive of staff being release for searches as part of the ‘community support’).  
Members who seldom participate in training or are regularly unavailable for searches are likely to have their TSAR membership terminated.

Commitment to being involved is essential. 

If your are interested in applying for a TSAR membership please contact us. A couple of our member will endeavour to meet with you within a couple weeks of your application being received to learn a bit more about you, your skills and to answer any questions.  Prospective members may then be invited to participate in local training to help them decide if TSAR is for them and to give us an opportunity to assess your suitability as a volunteer. 

 Prospective members also need to complete an overnight field trip to demonstrate their bushcraft skills.